Tell Us What To Build Next!

We’ve spent a lot of time watching the discussions on our forums, and have seen some wonderful conversations about future BUGmodules (like here and here). We really want to capture all this data in a way to be (1) useful for our planning purposes, and (2) engaging to you, our community. It’s our feeling that while the forums here are great for in-depth conversations, Q&A, and quick polling, it’s not the ideal setup for what we want to accomplish.

Our goal is to have the voice of the community at large play a loud part in our product planning. This means we’d like to know how the ideas you are all sharing really rank with each other. One person’s all-important laser range finder module is another person’s worst. idea. ever. And the forums don’t really let you express that very easily. Enter IdeaScale.

IdeaScale is similar to the Starbucks and Dell “idea crowdsourcing” systems. Basically anyone can come to the site, and vote or comment on existing ideas, or create their own suggestion. We’ve organized the site to have 4 categories for your feedback:

  1. BUGmodules – suggest a module for us to build
  2. BUGbase – suggest a technology or other aspect of how you’d like to see a future BUGbase be configured
  3. BUG+ – suggest a location for us to come have an event
  4. BUG+EDU – suggest a school or program to do with an educational facility

Please come check out the site. At present, no registration is required for basic participation (voting), and we are hoping to create a single-signon process so your BUGnet or forums ID will work across both sites in the future. Also, please feel free to use the forums (here) to give any feedback on IdeaScale itself, how it could be improved, if there are other categories we should add, etc.

A few Bug Labs team members have gotten the ball rolling (myself included), but really this is about the community. Hoping to see you there soon, the very future of the world might just depend on it. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch.

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2 Responses to “Tell Us What To Build Next!”

  1. chris Says:

    I would really like to see a temperature module, or perhaps a temerature/humidity/pressure/altitude module.

    I can think of lots of uses for that!

  2. Nic Fulton Says:

    This might be either too simple, or not interesting. However, many remote controlled cars/boats/planes use two channel controls. The basic signalling from the receiver to the servos is very simple. I’d like to see a bug control which could connect to servos (minimum 2). This way the bug could drive the vehicle using the GPS, and yet be compatible with all RC machines!

    My Make controller drives my servos very simply, but it’s a LOT more work to add GPS etc. The Bug seems to get rid of the complex, but servo control would be cool.

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