Introducing the BUGvonHippel!

It’s been a long time coming but we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the BUGvonHippel module. Named after MIT professor Eric von Hippel (because he thought of it!) and author of “Democratizing Innovation”, one of our favorite books, the module allows you to connect just about anything electronic to the BUG. In essence, it’s a way to create your own module. It was Eric’s belief that you can’t really call yourself an open platform for innovation unless you truly let people innovate on their own. We hope this module helps us continue to fulfill that promise.

Check out the video above with Alicia Gibb, Bug’s head Gadget Wrangler, and Eric talking in his office at MIT.

The BUGvonHippel module is available right now in the Bug Labs store for $79. If you’ve been waiting for a good way to hook up your car, microwave oven, personal area radar or left-handed wingnut to your BUG now’s your chance! And if you do, please visit us at our community site and let us know!

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5 Responses to “Introducing the BUGvonHippel!”

  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    [...] let people innovate on their own. This was Bug Labs intention. Check out the interview at the BugBlog or buy one online for just $79. [...]

  2. Marcin Juszkiewicz / BUG has arrived Says:

    [...] VonHippel is interesting module as it gives access to I²C, serial, I²S, DAC, ADC, GPIO, SPI, power signals. It is named after MIT professor Eric von Hippel (because he thought of it!) author of “Democratizing Innovation”. This module allows to connect just about anything electronic to the BUG. Interview with professor can be seen on BUG Blogger website. [...]

  3. » Daily Reading As The Year Winds DownFeld Thoughts » Daily Reading As The Year Winds Down Says:

    [...] Introducing the BUGvonHippel! The gang at BugLabs has shipped the BugvonHippel module (named after MIT professor and my SM / Ph.D. advisor Eric von Hippel).  I first wrote about this in January 2008 – it’s awesome to see it released. [...]

  4. Henrique Says:

    Eric Von Hippel is great, his book also really inspired me. I should point out that he lets would download it for free in his website. Bugslabs, you guys are creating something great! I can’t wait to test it. Keep it up! merry XMAS!

  5. Horace Thompson Says:

    Dr. Eric von Hippel,
    I am very interested in your invention of the BugvonHippel module. I can see many marvelous ideas being designed around this. I have several questions that your presentation did not address, and I would like to meet with you concerning an idea that I have. My idea includes the use of your module, but does not change or modify it in any fashion.

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