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Monday, September 15th, 2008

Ignite Cupcake Competition

Meet your fellow geeks out tonight at Ignite! Ignite is an O’Reilly sponsored community event that takes place in many cities around the world. It consists of a series of speakers who are alloted 20 slides at 15 seconds per slide, with topics ranging (as O’Reilly puts it) from Soldering, to Guerilla Knitting and Bomb Shelters. Ignite can be started anywhere by anyone, like an open source event!
The NYC Ignites have also included competitions, organized by Bre Pettis. Tonight September 15, at 7:30pm. Anyone can decorate a cupcake and the most creative cupcakes wins, it’s first come first serve and there are only about 200 cupcakes, so get there on time! You are also free to bring your own decorations. Yours truly, one of the newest additions to Bug, will be there judging the contest. Perhaps my prior “cake hacks” got me the job? After the competition, speed talks will pursue, at 5 minutes per speaker, on many interesting topics from Web3.0 to carbon footprints.  Ignite will take place at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street). Hope to see you there!